RPP Golf Assessment, Evaluation and Training

After nearly a decade of training baseball players of all ages, from teens to the pros, RPP is now bringing the same data-driven analysis / programming that it has implemented for years with collegiate, MiLB and MLB players and pitchers to golfers. Our approach is the same, bringing the best strength training programs possible to rotational athletes to help them excel at their sport.

Whether you’re a teenager, collegiate or adult golfer, swing mechanics and performance are 100% intertwined with your physical strength, mobility and stability.  A thorough evaluation should be your first step in improving not only the efficiency of your swing mechanics, but also your ability in driving the ball with more power and with more accuracy.

This evaluation/analysis combines both the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and RPP protocol for golfers which includes:

    • Movement screen and strength / power testing
    • Video analysis of swing mechanics
    • Programming
    • Training Programs

The combination of these evaluations helps us develop a comprehensive mobility and strength training program to help players improve their performance during the off-season as well as maintain their performance while in-season.

Movement Screen and Strength Testing

Success on the golf course is a combination of swing mechanics and physical abilities to perform the task. The big question is “can you physically perform what’s required of you to excel at your sport?”.

Physical abilities can be qualified in three different ways: Strength, Mobility and Stability.  Each of these attributes plays a significant role in your performance as a golfer.  Our 20-point movement screen combined with strength testing and force plate data helps give us a complete snapshot of the athlete in front of us. This, combined with the 3-camera swing analysis, helps create the blueprint/program to help make them more powerful as well as consistent on the green.

Table Assessment

Jump Testing (power)

Swing Mechanics Video Analysis

Following  TPI’s methodology for swing analysis, we analyze video from 3 different angles , this helps us focus on more than 15 different disconnects at various points in the swing, from static (address), laterally to the  back swing and down swing through to contact and club release.

Slide (pre) vs. Slide (contact)

Early Extension (pre) vs. Early Extension (post)


At the conclusion of the assessment and video analysis, we can develop programs which addresses not only mobility and stability issues but also strength and power.  These programs are done anywhere from 2-4 x’s/week based on the athletes needs and availability. The programming is progressive and is updated on a monthly basis following a seasonal and strength training continuum to help meet the golfers needs to help get him where he needs to be year-round.

Mobility – Mobility is paramount for golfers. If you lack mobility in the right places, it would be difficult to be consistent, which is THE key point indicator needed in order to excel at golf.  The good news is that issues related to mobility can be customized and addressed in every golfer’s training programs.  Below are a couple examples of some of the “big players” mobility-wise that need to be addressed in order to create a more efficient swing:

    • Hip Mobility
    • Spine / pelvis disassociation
    • T-spine rotation/extension
    • Scapular stability
    • Wrist mobility

Strength Training – Strength is the cornerstone of all athletic movements.  As you achieve higher levels of strength, you can generate more power with less effort, and power, in this day and age, gives you the #1 advantage in the sport. It not only produces a smoother swing, but one with greater club head speed. By developing more explosive power without forcing the action, we can consistently produce longer drives as well as reduce the risk of injury.

Training Programs and Levels

Our training programs are delineated by “Youth / Collegiate” and “Adult”.  Each have different objectives and training requirements.

Youth / Collegiate Programs – By looking at the overall physicality and athleticism of today’s young collegiate and pro golfers, it’s no mystery that strength and power is now a deciding factor along with technical ability in order to get a competitive advantage in the playing field.  Our programming for youth helps prepare them for competition by getting them mobile, strong and explosive so they can drive the ball.

Adult Programs – As we get older, decreases in strength and mobility have an enormous effect on the body’s ability to recover. Getting assessed to find imbalances as well as addressing them in the weight room gives us the ability to maintain our strength and mobility as we age. This is paramount in order to be able to continue playing the game we love both competitively and for leisure.

All training and programming is developed and overseen by Nunzio Signore, owner and operator at RPP.  Nunzio, an MLB Consultant and TPI Certified, is a certified strength and conditioning coach. He is also a member of the American Baseball Biomechanics Society (ABBS).

For the past 10 years, he has been one of the most in-demand strength and conditioning coaches in the New York and New Jersey areas, working with players from the Minnesota Twins, Anaheim Angels, New York Yankees, New York Mets, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Seattle Mariners, to name a few.