Strength-only Ages 13-16 Sign-ups

Program Summary – This year’s strength program (ages 13-16)  is scheduled to begin in Paramus during the week of Monday, November 18th at our new facility located at 40 Eisenhower Drive.

Time Slots – All athletes are tied to specific designated time slots selected below which are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis (designations are subject to “age” groupings).

Strength Training – Sessions are 2x per week at the designated time slots with complete coach supervision (groups of 6-8).  For those 16 and older, if you qualify for our more advanced strength training programs, you can train up to 5x per week with a more individualized and flexible training program.  Ages 16 and older, please contact front desk for details.

The program ends in late February.  There are no make-up and no sessions during Thanksgiving weekend and year-end holidays.