How to Address an Excessive Attack Angle

Attack Angle

Attack angle is a valuable metric that indicates the trajectory of the hitter’s barrel path as it impacts the baseball. At RPP, rather than striving for a specific number, we like to see our hitters achieve an optimal attack angle range that will maximize their opportunity to make flush contact with the incoming pitch; the ideal range is between 5-15 degrees.  There can be several contributors to an excessive attack angle.  When the attack angle is too high (swinging too uphill), we first want to figure out what is causing it and then determine a plan of action to improve it. The following disconnects could potentially lead to an excessive attack angle: Continue reading “How to Address an Excessive Attack Angle”

How to Analyze Baseball Swing Mechanics in 15 Steps

baseball swing mechanics

Hitting an MLB fastball requires the application of a huge amount of energy in the blink of an eye, roughly 130 ms to be exact. That’s about a 1/8th of a second. Only through a coordinated series of contractions involving not only muscles but joints and connective tissue traveling up the kinetic chain into the hands and ultimately the bat can we achieve adequate bat speed and quickness to hit a baseball traveling at speeds north of 90 mph. This article is meant to familiarize you with the 2 distinct phases (stride and swing) and 15 positions in baseball hitting and baseball swing mechanics that we review when analyzing video. Continue reading “How to Analyze Baseball Swing Mechanics in 15 Steps”