7 Simple Steps to Evaluating Baseball Pitch Movement

baseball pitch movement

The introduction of new tech like Rapsodo cameras is changing the landscape for pitchers at all levels. Until recently, most pitchers would focus on their pitching mechanics and strength training.  Now, technology is bringing a whole new realm to pitching at the point of release and we have a third leg on the stool that can’t be ignored.   So, let’s review how, 7 simple steps, we go about evaluating baseball pitch movement.

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Rapsodo Pitching Data, a Comprehensive Report

Rapsodo Pitching

During the past year, we have spent endless hours crunching pitching data and there are some unbelievable and amazing conclusions which we would like to share with you. This report is a summary of approximately 10,000 pitches thrown by 50 high school-level pitchers, randomly selected from our various winter, spring and summer programs. The new Rapsodo pitching camera system exposes a great deal and explains why “the eyes lie”. We are willing to bet that our findings are not unique but rather common place in youth pitchers everywhere. Continue reading “Rapsodo Pitching Data, a Comprehensive Report”