Pitching Lab… How We Merge Pitching and Strength Training

The Pitching Lab is a unique training program specifically designed to produce the “complete pitcher”. It’s truly a merger of strength training (in the weight room) and pitching (inside the nets).  Most players that haven’t trained with us probably don’t appreciate how intertwined our strength training is with our pitching program.  So, let’s get into it and provide some details on the strength training side and a timeline for the pitching program… Continue reading “Pitching Lab… How We Merge Pitching and Strength Training”

Summer Throwing Program; A Look at Pitch Design


Our Summer Throwing Program has many components, including pitch design.  For pitchers looking for more than just velo, we incorporate a Pitch Design component in the program to help improve their overall movement pattern.  The program not only teaches you the science and data analytics that go into pitch design but also how to implement it on the mound. Continue reading “Summer Throwing Program; A Look at Pitch Design”

How to Throw a Baseball Harder

How to Throw a Baseball Harder

How to throw a baseball harder… It’s the one thing that seems to be the most sought after, yet few know how to deliver it effectively. There are many different threads that need to be weaved into a safe and effective program to help you throw a baseball harder.

Today, we’re going to review several requirements on what it takes to throw a baseball harder.  They fall into several buckets, including a comprehensive upfront assessment (from physical to mechanical), a well-designed strength training program, a proper ramp-up, a well designed throwing program (in sync with strength program), and proper warm-up routines and recovery protocols. Continue reading “How to Throw a Baseball Harder”

Inconsistent Velocity and the Killer Trifecta

Inconsistent Velo 1

If you haven’t noticed by now, we spend a lot of time getting our athletes to be more powerful. When it comes to pitchers this brings up the obvious topic of velocity.  While we don’t hang our hats on the “V” word exclusively, we do realize whether we like it or not, throwing gas is what gets the attention of most high school players searching for a great learning institution (education), fame and/or fortune.

Continue reading “Inconsistent Velocity and the Killer Trifecta”

Understanding the Kinematic Sequence

kinematic sequence

Not all throwing and hitting motions are created equal. Some guys rely more on strength, some guys elasticity (facial tissue) and some are simply genetic “outliers” (there’s that fascia again). But close analysis, in not only numerous studies but also from my own experience at the facility, reveals that there is one common denominator why hard throwers create effortless velocity and command, as well as power hitters creating high exit velos behind the plate.

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You’re Projectable… But What’s Your Trajectory?

Projectable Player

Projectable…  How many times have we heard this term from coaches, showcase operators and scouts. Let’s be blunt, it means you are a player with potential but you are expected to grow and you are expected to fill out.  But here is a simple question… What’s your trajectory?  Imagine, two 14 year-old players with equal talent, equal height, equal weight and equal metrics, do they have the same trajectory? Continue reading “You’re Projectable… But What’s Your Trajectory?”