How to Optimize Core Training for Pitchers and Position Players

Rotational power is pure gold for training rotational athletes such as baseball players. Whether you are a pitcher or a position player, it serves not only as the bridge for transferring lower body strength and power to the upper body, but also is ground zero for initiating that force and sending it into the lower half to be absorbed by the ground. This is known as Ground Reaction Force, a major player in helping to increase angular velocities up the chain and eventually into the ball and bat.

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How to Generate More Power and Velocity with Proteus


To be a more efficient baseball player, it’s important that you have both high amounts of force (power) and acceleration in your throw or in the box. For a pitcher, it can be a deal breaker in terms of college recruiting or ultimately being an MLB prospect. As far as hitters go, having a faster, more powerful swing allows the hitter more time to make better decisions at the plate. While going from 80 to 85 mph may only require more absolute strength, once we get into more elite velocities, max strength is simply not enough. This is where the Proteus machine shines. Continue reading “How to Generate More Power and Velocity with Proteus”

Assessing Pitchers in the Age of New Tech (Inside Pitch Magazine)

inside pitch magazine

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Baseball, like every other industry, is under siege from new technology and it’s making sure the game evolves in many ways.  Some love it, some hate it, and everything in between.  Whether you’re a fan of technology or not, it’s difficult to ignore. It’s here in full force and it’s changing baseball with it.  Those that are too close-minded to take the time to expand their knowledge of the new performance metrics run the risk of being left behind, both in terms of overall knowledge about the game and improving an athlete’s efficiency in performance. Continue reading “Assessing Pitchers in the Age of New Tech (Inside Pitch Magazine)”