What are the Best Baseball Band Exercises for Pitchers

Band Exercises for Pitchers

There is certainly no shortage of pitching bands and baseball band exercises for pitchers.  There are actually so many that it can make your head spin.  We use several baseball band exercises for pitchers as a part of our pre-throwing routine and over the years we have refined them down to what we believe to be the min / max of what you should be doing. Continue reading “What are the Best Baseball Band Exercises for Pitchers”

Arm Care for Pitchers: Warmup Routine

Arm care for pitchers

Too many pitchers at all levels either treat their pre-throwing or warmup routine like a hassle or simply don’t do it properly. The warm-up program below is meant to provide you with a comprehensive protocol similar to that being done by top professional ball players.  Arm care for pitchers and a proper warm-up program before a game should take 20-25 minutes.  It’s in six parts as follows: Continue reading “Arm Care for Pitchers: Warmup Routine”