Testimonials – College Coaches

About ten years ago, when a single high school pitcher threw over 90 mph, it was a big deal.  He was likely a top round draft prospect.  In the past few years, through our holistic approach to training, we’ve successfully helped many high school athletes get there and there are many more on the way.  Our results speak for themselves.

Drew Dickinson – Pitching Coach University of Virginia

“I have been following Nunzio Signore and RPP Baseball for quite some time. Their knowledge in player development and their training programs are at the cutting edge of where the sport currently resides, whether we’re talking about high school, college or pro ball.

They are one of a handful of facilities in the country that have the know-how, systems and wherewithal to take you to the next level.”

Matt Williams – Pitching Coach University of South Carolina

“Having recently taken over the Pitching Coach position at the University of South Carolina, I asked Nunzio and his guys to come down and work with our staff on assessing our pitchers. Having followed their work over the years, I knew that their evals and training programs are as good as they get.

Along with our staff, they helped provide us with a complete roadmap for our guys, from identifying gaps in mobility, strength and power to inefficient movement patterns on the mound. RPP Baseball is the gold standard in player development.”

Corey Muscara – Pitching Coach Wake Forest University

“I originally met Nunzio and heard about RPP Baseball through New York Yankees Pitching Coach Matt Blake. Over the years, I have recommended many prospects that live near RPP to train there. RPP continually develops some of the best up and coming talent in high school baseball.

Their programming is always at the leading edge of what’s going on in player development and their results speak for themselves. Few facilities come close to their standing in the industry.”

Sean McGrath – Pitching Coach University of Iowa

“I met Nunzio nearly 10 years ago when in the early days of RPP. I knew even back then that he was going to build something special.. I can say without reservation that there are few people with his knowledge when it comes to training ball players and pitchers. His understanding of how the body works and needs to be developed and trained to perform at an elite level is among very few in the country.

To this day, RPP Baseball sets the bar extremely high by integrating all the aspects of training inside and outside the nets into one comprehensive and cohesive program. And now that they have remote training available, you should get there any way you can.”

Jabin Weaver – Pitching Coach Villanova University

“At this exact moment, Villanova has 6 of our pitchers training with RPP. Four current pitchers are in RPP’s college winter program before they come back to school and 2 high school commits have been training there for a while. In addition a recent Villanova MLB draft pick also participated in their summer throwing program.

RPP’s holistic approach to training puts them in a league of their own.  From assessments to training they set an extremely high bar. To say that I am a big believer in their training programs is an understatement.”

Mike McFerran – Player Development Wake Forest University

“Being in charge of player development with the Wake Forest baseball program involves just about all aspects of how players and pitchers improve their game. Having known Nunzio, a regular presenter at our Bridge the Gap Seminar here at Wake Forest, I can tell you there are few folks and organizations that have mastered the many aspects of player development.

RPP Baseball provides an end-to-end program. From the moment you get assessed to their training programs, RPP is at the pinnacle of this field. If you can train and develop there, you should. Very few facilities operate in that realm.”