Testimonials – MLB / MiLB

About ten years ago, when a single high school pitcher threw over 90 mph, it was a big deal.  He was likely a top round draft prospect.  In the past few years, through our holistic approach to training, we’ve successfully helped many high school athletes get there and there are many more on the way.  Our results speak for themselves:
    • Sean Hard – T95
    • Brett Antolick – T94
    • Brendan Lysik – T94
    • Alex Kranzler – T93
    • Thomas Santana – T93
    • Michael Gillen – T92
    • Aiden Dolinsky – T92
    • Chase Barley – T90
    • John Hacker – T90
    • Reno Spagnoli – T90
    • Jake Francis – T90

Brian Cashman – General Manager (New York Yankees)

“I have been following RPP’s progress for quite some time. They have done an excellent job blending athleticism with technology to create a state-of-the-art baseball training facility. ‬‪They are one of a handful of cutting-edge facilities in the business. I highly recommend them for ball players of any age.”

Paul Gibson – Director of Pitching (Kansas City Royals)

“As Director of Pitching Performance for the Kansas City Royals, I get to see much, if not all, of the training and player development programs in the market. RPP’s constant pursuit of knowledge and training methods puts them at the cutting edge of player development. I highly recommend them to any athlete looking to advance their career.”

Fred Corral – Pitching Coach (Cincinnati Reds)

“It didn’t take long for me to see that Nunzio was at the forefront of training elite athletes at RPP Baseball. Every pitching coach has that inner circle of brilliant minds and having Nunzio as one of mine has helped in my development as well as that of my athletes. If you are looking to take your game or coaching to its “Peak”, you need to look into RPP. The passion for enhancing one’s craft and making athlete’s better is all over it.”

Jerry Weinstein – Coach (Colorado Rockies)

“I have been involved in player development in one form or another for 5 decades, continuing to this day with the Colorado Rockies. I have seen many training programs as well as facilities come and go. I can say without hesitation that RPP and their training programs live at the cutting edge of player development. When it comes to the long-term development of young athletes, this one is a no-brainer.”

Corey Popham – Pitching Coach (Toronto Blue Jays)

“I am not sure how many people have been on the inside to get a good look at RPP’s programming. I have and I can tell you it’s about as cutting-edge as is out there. It’s really not a surprise that they’re turning out such high caliber pitchers. Blending an understanding of the body and the craft requires an understanding of both pitching and athletic development. Their knowledge and training on both are on par with anyone in player development.”

Vic Diaz – Pitching Coach (Philadelphia Phillies)

“Nunzio and RPP Baseball are an incredible resource in the baseball community. Their knowledge and understanding of the body and the skills necessary is bar none. RPP does a phenomenal job applying the information and data they collect through evaluation and assessment process. Their systems are completely integrated within their staff in the facility. My advice to any baseball player or pitcher is if you want to maximize your skill set, go check out RPP. Whichever level you are at, they will use the resources and processes in-house to help you get better.”