How to Improve Blast Motion “Other” Metrics

Blast’s “Other Metrics”, which are generally used for providing additional context to their 3 Scores, are as follows:

    • Vertical Bat Angle
    • Time to Contact
    • Peak Hand Speed
    • Power

There are several potential physical impediments that could lead to undesirable scores in all these metrics.  Similar to the other Scores, issues could range from the bottom of the kinetic chain all the way to the top, including limited ankle mobility, lower body weaknesses, limitations on t-spine disassociation and even weaknesses in the shoulder region. Continue reading “How to Improve Blast Motion “Other” Metrics”

Interview with Quinnipiac’s Alex Whelan


Today my interview is with Alex Whelan.  A great hockey player I had the pleasure of training this spring until he just recently left for Quinnipiac University where he will be playing for one of the premier hockey programs in the country.  Alex is a graduate of Ramsey High school and was The Record Hockey Player of the Year in Bergen County in 2015.  Continue reading “Interview with Quinnipiac’s Alex Whelan”

Interview with Volleyball Player Samantha Uline (Future Privateer at UNO)

By Nunzio Signore (BA, NASM, CPT, PES, FMS)

Sam Uline Image

Today my interview is with Sam Uline, a graduate of Suffern High School Volleyball program who has been training at RPP for the past two years.  She is on her way to University New Orleans Division I Volleyball program to become a Privateer.   I think Sam is a great inspiration for so many young female athletes who want to take their game to the next level.

Continue reading “Interview with Volleyball Player Samantha Uline (Future Privateer at UNO)”

The Spartan Experience

By Ed Howard (CPT, NASM, FMS)

Spartan LogoToday I am going to post a brief blog by Ed Howard (CPT, NASM, FMS) one of our adult trainers at RPP.  Ed recently completed his fourth Spartan Race and I thought it would be a great read to see how training at RPP helped him complete the course in record time.

Whenever I tell someone that I’m going to do an obstacle course race like the Spartan Race the first question they often ask is “Why?”  Running a Spartan requires strength, agility, endurance and just a touch of crazy (well maybe more than a touch in my case, especially at the age of 61).  Continue reading “The Spartan Experience”