Post Throwing Arm Care Protocol

(By Nunzio Signore BA, CPT, NASM, PES, FMS)

IMG_6242With the baseball season around the corner, we get a lot of guys asking us what they can do after pitching to alleviate soreness and help keep their arms up to snuff.  Simple answer is breathing, soft tissue work and post throwing stretches.

Due to the eccentric stress placed on the arm while throwing, pitchers lose approximately 10 degrees of internal rotation (IR) and various degrees of elbow extension.  This IR loss can be cumulative and ultimately lead to lower pitching velocity and/or injury as the season progresses.  Breathing drills, soft tissue work and light stretching to help relax the posterior cuff and shoulder can go a long way to help get that back. Incidentally, the same goes for the hip (IR) and knee (extension) of the front leg from stress due to the landing phase of the delivery.

Here are a few exercises that work on all three things I referred to earlier, breathing, soft tissue work and post throwing stretches.  Keep in mind, we’re utilizing drills that require minimal equipment that fits easily into your bag, so they can be done right on the field or at home.

(Quadruped Add Mob)

(Deep Squat Breathing w/Lat Stretch)

(Lying Knee-to-Knee)

(SMR Forearm)

(SMR Triceps)

(SMR – Pec Minor)

See you all in the gym.