How do you assess pitchers ball movement patterns?

The introduction of new tech like Rapsodo cameras is changing the landscape for pitchers at all levels.  Working with our pitchers here at RPP, the first thing we do in Pitch Design work is get what we refer to as the pitcher’s DNA, which generally requires a full bullpen on the Rapsodo camera with at least a dozen pitches by pitch-type.

From there, we break it down into several components and review each piece of information in-depth. It’s basically like preparing a game plan.  Let’s go over step-by-step what we look for and how we assess the results:

    • Spin Efficiency %s
    • Movement Patterns
    • Differentiation and Relative Movement
    • Holes in the Movement Pattern
    • Consistency of Pitch Axis by Pitch Type
    • True Spin Rates
    • Arm Slot (Release Height and Side)

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