What are my short-term housing options?

RPP is located in northern New Jersey in the town of Paramus, in Bergen county.  We are within 20 minutes of New York City, and accessible via three local airports, including Newark (NJ), and LaGuardia and JFK (NY).

Paramus and its neighboring towns are highly dense areas with no shortage of potential hotel or housing options.  We suggest that you evaluate each option and make your decision based on your desired levels of pricing, accommodations, potential length of stay and distance from the facility.

Nearby Hotels (within 5 minutes) – Below is a list of several nearby hotels at various price levels.

Feel free to reach us at the front desk at (201) 308-3633 if you have any questions.

**** Please note that RPP has NO relations with any of these facilities and / or websites.  We bear no responsibility or liability of any kind by listing these options here.  They are listed here as guidance for you.  Please make sure to do your own research to find appropriate housing that meets your specific needs.

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