What does a typical day look like at RPP?

At typical day of training at RPP generally requires 2-3 hours at the facility.  You can think of it in four distinct parts:

    • Warm-up / Soft Tissue Work – The initial portion of your day could take 20-30 minutes
    • Hitting / Throwing – Working on your craft whether it’s hitting / throwing / pitching or doing related drill work could generally last around 60-75 minutes
    • Strength Training – Weight lifting portion of your day will take approximately 60-75 minutes
    • Recovery Work – Finishing your workout with recovery work will require approximately 15-20 minutes

Training with other high performance athletes in a culture that breeds excellence can also lend itself to hours of conversation and learning outside your specific training sessions.  Given the setting and culture, it would not be unusual for athletes to remain at the facility for many more hours than highlighted above.

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