Podcast: Optimizing the Mental Game with Alan Jaeger

Today’s podcast features Alan Jaeger, the founding partner of Los Angeles-based Jaeger Sports, where some of the most talented baseball players in America go to improve their game. He is most famous for his trademark J-bands, used for conditioning the arm. But his influence on the game far transcends the bands that bear his name. Today, we talk about the approach and strategy of the mental side, why it’s important to be “process-oriented” instead of “results-oriented and “breath, focus and attack” along with some other methods and their application.

Alan has been a steady voice in promoting many topics, including extended long-toss, throwing programs and proper recovery and conditioning for the arm. He also has a Zen-like approach to the mental side of the game, in which he teaches his players relaxing meditation techniques. His premise on mental philosophy is basically that players should devote the same time and energy that is placed on the physical side of the game. Here is a direct quote from Alan which in my opinion summarizes his philosophy “Your mind is what allows your physical preparation to take over in game situations”.

Alan has worked these techniques with hundreds of professional players, including 2002 Cy Young Award Winner Barry Zito, and All-Stars Dan Haren and Andrew Bailey. I have to say as a big proponent of relaxation techniques, this was a fun one for me.

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