Podcast #100: My 100th Podcast and 9 “Ah-Ha” Moments Along the Way!

This week marks my 100th episode of the “Behind The Seams Podcast”. It’s been, not only an incredible journey but also, an incredible learning experience. This week I’ll celebrate by going through 9 of my “Ah-Ha” moments with 9 coaches from the following star-studded cast.

    • Randy Sullivan – Back leg mechanics
    • Scott Brown – Common characteristics of elite players
    • Mike Boyle – Unilateral versus bilateral training
    • Mike McFerran – Using data with youth players
    • Brandon McDaniel – Understanding the Infrasternal angle
    • Graeme Lehman – Adjusting mechanics based on architecture
    • Alan Jaeger – Improving your mental game
    • Robin Lund – Finding the leaks in mechanics
    • Sean McGrath – Making front leg adjustments

Hope you enjoy…

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