Podcast #40: Scouting Young Talent for Pro Ball with the Padres Mike Kanen

My interview today is with Mike Kanen, Regional Crosschecker with the San Diego Padres. I have interviewed many college coaches during the past year and I am very interested to hear how college and pro ball perspectives can differ on the recruiting and scouting front. Join us as we dig into a variety of topics, including:

    • Scouting HS players vs. college players
    • Going to college vs. pro ball
    • Specific traits when scouting a young athlete
    • How scouting has changed over the past 5-10 years

I have known Mike for several years going back to when our facility was in Sloatsburg, NY, where he used to run scouting events for the Indians inviting only a handful of players and their families for closeup meetings and evaluation.

Mike is a graduate of John Hopkins University where he played baseball for 4 years. He joined the scouting department of the Washington Nationals straight out of school. Thereafter, he was with Cleveland Indians in various scouting capacities for nearly 8 years before joining the Padres about a year and a half ago.

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