Podcast #62: Extension, Hip Bias and Creating the Script for Efficient Mechanics with Niko Leontarakis

Today we’re sitting down with Niko Leontarakis, RPP Director of Pitching, and talking about some common issues we see in pitchers and how it’s not always only about mechanics. Topics Include:

    • Incorporating anatomy into coaching
    • Understanding the athlete in front of you
    • Importance of hip bias and ultimately extension

Niko graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 2022 with a Masters Degree in Exercise Science. Prior to EKU, he attended Post University and graduated with Bachelors in Business Administration (2019-2021), Palm Beach State College in 2018 and Tallahassee Community College in 2017 as he pursued his dream of playing collegiate baseball.

In 2017, he was drafted in the 40th Round by the Baltimore Orioles. He is also currently a member of the Greek National Baseball team.

Niko can be reached on this Twitter account @nikoleontarakis

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