Podcast #86: Analyzing Mental Performance on the Mound with Mike Huber

Mike Huber

This week we’re sitting down with mental performance coach Mike Huber. Mike came to RPP the other day to watch an athlete who has been struggling a bit with command / control while on the mound. Today, he’ll discuss some of the visual signs he looks for when helping an athlete with the mental side of the game.

Mike is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant® accredited by the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. He is also the founder and host of The Freshman Foundation® Podcast, which prepares young athletes and families for every step in their athletic journey.  He is a father of two children: Patrick, 14 and Lucy, 12 as well as an experienced business advisor and ex-baseball Player.

Mike Huber can be reached on his website or on twitter @mhubercmpc.

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