Podcast #97: Building the Total Athlete, Long Term Athletic Development in Travel Baseball

Today we’re sitting down with Pitching Coordinator Matt Hartshorn and Director of Hitting Andrew Pezzuto, both coaches on the new RPP Revolution 14U travel team. Topics include:

    • Importance of starting LTAD (long-term athletic development) at a young age
    • What to look for in a good travel program
    • Getting baseline numbers and re-assessing

As many of you know this past year we started our own in-house travel program under the RPP Revolution banner. There are several reasons behind this decision, but our primary suspicion was that most travel programs are not sufficiently developing players and preparing them for the next level.

Being a player development facility with 100s of athletes coming and going, it was easy for us to observe that travel programs have been diluted to the point where true player development was out the door.

With the changes in NCAA rules and the transfer portal, it’s now harder than ever to get a college commitment. Young athletes are no longer competing with other high schoolers, they’re competing with other college kids who can jump through the portal. These guys are bigger, stronger and faster and if high school guys don’t follow suit, they can hang up their cleats when high school ball ends.

So, let’s talk about what we’ve observed in this process and how we plan to bring long-term athletic development into a baseball travel program

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