RPP COVID-19 Update

RPP is open.

Since our email the prior week, we have been continuing to disinfect the facility on a daily basis, especially all high contact and high traffic areas.  If you smell disinfectant at the facility, our apologies.

We also recommend that all athletes:

    • Continue to sanitize their hands upon arrival at the front desk.  In addition, we have hand sanitizers and wipes throughout the facility.  We highly recommend that you continue to use them regularly while in the facility.
    • Thoroughly wash hands on a regular basis
    • Do not stay at the gym when your training is complete

Athletes Looking for Training

We’ve been getting a number of phone calls from athletes looking to come back and train during the spring season due to the current circumstances.  You are more than welcome to train here during the spring.  However, given the circumstances, we have to take several precautions for the near future.

    • If you are ill, we respectfully request that you don’t come in for training.  If you do come in and we suspect that you are ill, we will have to ask you to go home.
    • If you’re ill please do not come to the facility until at least one week after all symptoms have gone away.
    • If you feel like you might have a temperature, we have a no-touch digital thermometer at the front desk.   We can check for you.
    • If the number of athletes training at RPP gets too high, we may specify hours to keep the number of athletes at a more optimal level during designated hours.

We understand the inconvenience associated with these requirements but the circumstances leave us no choice.  We appreciate your understanding in these difficult times.

To all the athletes whose seasons have been put on hold or abruptly ended, we feel your pain.   We are so sorry for the huge disappointment.  Please do take care of yourself and your family and stay safe.

Looking forward to a return to normal times.

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