The Best of 2015 – Baseball Articles

The Best of 2015 – Baseball Articles

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CPT, NASM, PES, FMS)

Once again with the end of the year quickly approaching, I wanted to thank everyone for helping us to have our greatest year yet, and to post some of the articles that you helped make the most popular.

1. Strengthening the Lead Leg to Help Improve Pitching Velocity – If your goal is speed, whether you’re running around the diamond or throwing a fastball, then you need to put more force into the ground period.

Lead Leg Velo 1

2. Taking Full Advantage of the Off-Season… Eight Weeks Is Not Enough! – Making sure that you are in peak shape at the beginning of the season and staying there all season long requires a very specific protocol. Showing up at the gym eight weeks before the start of your season just won’t cut it.

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3. The Need for Speed, 6 Steps to Developing Linear and Lateral Quickness – Part 2 – Everyone wants to be fast. Unfortunately, not everyone is, but everyone can surely get faster. This comes down to a few key principles, and it’s not just about running a faster 30, 40 or 60 yard dash.

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4. Addressing Mechanical Issues in the Weight Room – Let me first start by saying this, there is no pitching coach on the planet that can get a pitcher into a desired position if the athlete does not physically have the strength or mobility to get into that position.  Period.

Pitching Lab Phase 1 Top

5. RPP Philosophy on Training and Developing Young Elite Athletes – I often get asked about our philosophy on training young athletes. Here at RPP our programs are designed to produce elite athletes, the right way.  We take into consideration both psychologically and physically “sensitive periods” when designing programs for our young developing athletes.

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6. Three More Great Ways to Help Improve Power and Bat Speed – Part 2 – Let’s face it everyone is always talking about bat speed when it comes to position players and their ability to drive the ball. This blog touches on three more great ways to try and help you improve your power and bat speed.

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Stay tuned next week when we’ll take a look at more of the best of 2015.

See ya ‘ in the gym.