Warm-up Routine for 10-12 Year Old Baseball Players

Building good habits from a young age will pay big dividends over time as young athletes get older.  This is especially true when it comes to taking care of their bodies.  The following warm-up routine is appropriate for pitchers and position players, between the ages of 10 and 12 years old and it includes:

    1. Arm Care / Band Work (5 min)
    2. Multi-Planar Movement Prep (5-10 min)
    3. Long Toss (10 min)

This 20-25 min protocol not only prepares the athletes but also covers all the bases for prepping a young body for practice or game play. Static stretching is not included at this age and can actually do more harm than good due to length-tension relationships with an immature body.  At this age, they’ll get what they generally need from the movement prep and band work.

1. Arm Care / Band Work (5 Minutes)

*** Note: For young ball players, band work should be only performed with lighter gauge bands such the Jaeger Jr. J-Bands or RPP Activation Bands.  Regular J-Bands are too heavy for this age group.

2. Multi-Planar Movement Prep (8-10 Minutes)

3. Long Toss (10 Minutes)

    • 10 throws going out (@ 70-80 % RPE)
    • 5 throws coming back in, with no arc @ 90-100% RPE

After the conclusion of this pre-game warm-up:

    • Position players can proceed to the field for pre-game preparation (hitting / fielding, etc.)
    • Pitchers can proceed to the bullpen area to continue with their pre-game throws off on the mound