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Getting the Most Out of Your Hour

About Page - Left Side 2With the world being as “fast-paced” as it is, people are trying to get the most out their “hour” at the gym.  The use of active recovery exercises is a great way to get the most “bang for your buck” from a training program.

Active recovery (AR) exercises are low intensity mobility, stability, and activation drills that we use at Rockland Peak Performance (RPP) in between sets of exercises instead of rest to help improve movement quality. [Read more…]


Use Lower Rep Schemes

A common mistake many people, primarily women, seem to make when trying to lose weight and create lean muscle is working in a rep range that does not go along with their body transformation goals.   There are several rep ranges, here is a brief run through of the common ones:

1-5 Reps

When working in this rep range, the central nervous system is highly active and more muscle fibers are recruited due to the heavy load of the weight.  Muscle size does not increase as much as compared to working with higher reps but strength gains are enormous.

6-12 Reps

When performing this amount of reps, the adaptions are metabolic and cellular, this leads to hypertrophy.  Hypertrophy makes people bigger and stronger but not as strong as the strength performing in the 1-5 range. [Read more…]