3-Day Full Body Program (minimal equipment) – Phase 2

3-day Full Body Program


With gyms continuing to be closed all over due to COVID-19, below is Phase 2 of our workouts with minimal equipment that you can perform at home. The exercises have not been progressed in terms of difficulty (from Phase 1) but changed to continue to provide the body with a stimulus and help further create adaptation. Even further, after a few weeks you can alternate between Phase 1 and Phase 2 to continue to provide that stimulus and further help increase gains.

The following full body programs should be performed 3 days per week with rest in between.  Stay safe everyone and see ya’ in the gym soon…

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Power / Plyometrics

1a) Lateral Power Step-up (use 12″ box) – 2 x5/side (explosive)
1b) 1/2 Kneeling Shoulder CARS – 2 x3

2a) Box Drop to Heiden (use 12″ box) – 2 x3/side (explosive)
2b) Band Horiz. Abduction (use band) – 2 x10


1a) Slide Board Leg Curl (use t-shirt or furniture slides) – 3 x10
1b) 1-Arm Cable Row (use band) – 3 x10/side
1c) Frozen Bear (use soccer ball) – 3 x4/side (1 min rest)

2a) DB RFESS (use chair and backpack for DBs) – 3 x8/side (explosive)
2b) Push-up – 3 x8
2c) Wall Sit with Dowel – 3 x10 (1 min rest)

3a) Lateral KB Lunge (use backpack) – 3 x5/side (explosive)
3b) Bowler Squat – 3 x10/side


1) 2-In 2-Out To Ten Yard Sprint – 5 x2 (1 min rest, explosive)
2) 10 Yard Rollover & Go – 5 x2 (1 min rest, explosive)


1a) Slide Board Body Saw (use t-shirt or furniture slides) – 3 x10
1b) Left Side Right Clam – 3 x5

Disclaimer: Any application of the recommendations set forth in this guide is at the reader’s discretion and sole risk. The information offered is intended for those athletes in good health. Anyone with medical problems of any nature should see and consult a physician before starting any exercise program. Even if you have no known health problems, it is advisable to consult your doctor before making major changes in your lifestyle.

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