Arm Care – With Foam Rolling, a Lifetime of Results for 20 Bucks – Part 1

By Nunzio Signore (B.A. CPT, NASM, FMS, PES)


Beginning with this post, I will be providing a series on Arm Care for pitchers and overhead athletes. These write-ups provide the basis of our Pitcher’s Program, which cover various topics from every day care to strength and conditioning to warm-up routines to reviewing various potential injuries and ways to avoid them.

When you work with as many pitchers and other overhead athletes as we do, you hear the same complaints day in and day out. Things like “my shoulder hurts right here” or “my elbow hurts when I try to straighten my arm”. Much of this discomfort comes from residual stress associated with throwing (or swimming etc.) and can be avoided with the use of a foam roller or lacrosse ball.

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Success = Genetics x Environment

By Nunzio Signore (B.A. / N.A.S.M. / F.M.S. / P.E.S.)

Split Squats_

I get tired of hearing people say “his father was an ex All–American” or “that entire family is athletic”.

True, genetics does play a part in an athlete’s development, but being great isn’t just about winning the genetic lottery.  It’s a combination of a few other things that are equally important and sometimes trump genetics completely.

I recently read the book “Talent is Overrated” by Geoff Colvin in which he talks about genetics (born with it) and environment with “deliberate practice” (we’ll get back to this in a minute).  Colvin said that it basically boils down to this simple equation:

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Baseball In-Season Training… All Serious Athletes Do It – Part 3

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CPT, NASM, FMS, PES)

In today’s post we are covering Part 3 of In-Season Training for Baseball Players.  In case you missed Part 2 please click here, Part 1 please click here (for Part 1 pitchers click here)

In the final Part of this 3 Part series, we’ll talk about ways to manage workout time within the parameters of the season (i.e. games starts, etc.).

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What Is an Assessment and Why Do You Need One?

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CPT, NASM, FMS, PES)

Here at Rockland Peak Performance (RPP) we generally perform an average of 6-8 movement Assessments per week.  New customers often ask “Why is an assessment necessary?” My response is simple…  “Do you want to be the best that you can be?”

Whether you are coming in to train with us for the long haul, coming off of rehab and seeking a training effect (strength training) or coming in for a one-time consultation regarding a particular issue, an assessment/movement screen can be an extremely powerful piece of the puzzle for success.  This is true regardless of whether you are training for your sport or simply wanting to learn how to move and feel better.
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RPP Athletes… “Why I love My Job”


January 30,2014 – Nunzio Signore (B.A./N.A.S.M./F.M.S./P.E.S.)

Today is Sunday and I’m in a bit of a “reflective” mood.

While we work with kids from dozens of High Schools and Middle Schools in the area, I was thinking about the journey of starting a new business and what it takes to be the “go to” guy in the area.  Quite frankly what it takes are kids who put their trust in you and have a great work ethic.  In thinking back on the progress of one particular athlete this year, I felt compelled to write this blog. Continue reading “RPP Athletes… “Why I love My Job””

Proper Post-Workout Nutrition

By Doug Corbett (NASM, PES, FMS, CET)

The following is an article written by Doug Corbett about proper post-workout nutrition.  Doug has been working at RPP since September of 2011 and has played a big role in speaking not only with athletes about their nutrition, but our adult clientele as well.


Over the years, many of my clients have asked me about what to eat after a workout to optimize your metabolism and increase lean  muscle mass.  Here’s a quick summary of what a proper post-workout nutrition should entail:
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Is Your Young Athlete’s Training Program Complete?


By Nunzio Signore (B.A, NASM, PES, CES)

Now that the baseball off season is here we have the gym filled with not only ball players but parents of ball players.  Our most frequently asked question is “what do you guys do as far a baseball specific training?”  My answer is usually “it’s not what we do, it’s what we don’t do.”

Throwing a baseball is the fastest movement in all of sports.  This is a huge amount of stress placed on the arm throughout a season.  There are certain exercises that we believe do not belong in the program of an already taxed arm but this is a topic for another article. Continue reading “Is Your Young Athlete’s Training Program Complete?”

Strength and Conditioning Can Be the “Deal Breaker” for Young Athletes

dlBy Nunzio Signore  (B.A., NASM, PES, CPT)

Aside from the obvious things a college coach or recruiter looks for when evaluating a ball player (arm strength, hitting power and defensive ability), one of the biggest deal breakers is a player’s size and body composition.

Size and body comp can go deep into projecting the future both performance-wise and health wise of a ball player.

College coaches also look at a player’s body type to determine what they’ll look like, and how well they’ll hold up to the tougher demands of a college strength program. Here at RPP we have developed a training program with both strength as well as mobility and stability training built into the program to ensure joint health . This can go a long way in preparing a player in the off season, as well as ensuring that they will finish as strong as they started during the season.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Hour

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With the world being as “fast-paced” as it is, people are trying to get the most out their “hour” at the gym.  The use of active recovery exercises is a great way to get the most “bang for your buck” from a training program.

Active recovery (AR) exercises are low intensity mobility, stability, and activation drills that we use at Rockland Peak Performance (RPP) in between sets of exercises instead of rest to help improve movement quality.

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