Podcast #34: Assessing and Training Power with Proteus Motion CEO Sam Miller


My guest today is Sam Miller, Founder and CEO of Proteus Motion. For those of you that haven’t heard of Proteus, it’s the ultimate training machine for rotational athletes like baseball players by measuring their power and acceleration in ways we couldn’t do previously.

Sam is a really interesting guy with a fascinating background. He is graduate of Vanderbilt with a degree in Economics and History. He also has a masters from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. After graduation he was with Suffolk Construction, a pretty sizable company, in various capacities in project management, architecture and design for nearly six years. The question is, how did we go from construction and design to a highly engineered product called Proteus.

So, I am going to ask Sam how Proteus came to be. I know that MIT and a dad are involved in there somewhere. Let’s welcome Sam Miller and take a listen to the future of training power in 3D. Topics Include:

    • Assessing / training power & acceleration
    • Training rotational athletes
    • Uncovering asymmetries
    • Improving fascial integrity
    • Proteus as a rehab tool

Sam Miller can be reached on Proteus’ twitter account @ProteusMotion

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