Podcast #35: Reverse Engineering Pitcher Development with Wake Forest PC Corey Muscara

My guest today is Corey Muscara, Pitching Coach at Wake Forest University. Corey has been a long-time friend and always a great conversation. Today’s topics include:

    • Creating a winning environment
    • What’s non-negotiables for pitchers on day 1
    • Building out your systems
    • Creating routines
    • Reverse engineering pitcher development

I have known Corey for almost as long as RPP Baseball has been in existence and I can tell you that he knows the art of pitching as well as anyone with an uncanny way of explaining mechanics like no other.

Corey finished his first season with Wake Forest in 2022 after being officially added to the staff on July 2021. Under his guidance, the pitching staff made a drastic improvement in 2022 as they dropped their team ERA by a whole run per game from 2021 to 2022.

Corey began his coaching career at Southern New Hampshire in 2010 before moving onto Binghamton for the 2011 campaign and St. John’s from 2013-2017. Prior to joining Wake Forest, Corey served as Maryland’s pitching coach from 2018-21.

Corey graduated from Franklin Pierce with a bachelor’s degree in History in 2009. He can be reached on his twitter account @CoachMoose31.

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