Podcast #93: The Jaeger / Sullivan Return to Throwing Manual & Schedule

Today we’re sitting down with Alan Jaeger and Randy Sullivan to discuss their new “The Jaeger / Sullivan Return to Throwing Manual & Schedule”. I had the privilege of providing the Strength & Conditioning portion of this manual and I am excited to sit down with the two of them and take a closer look at the manual. Topics Include:

    • How it differs from the standard back-to-throw protocol
    • The power of eliminating “target dates”
    • Using objective feedback

Alan Jaeger

Alan is the founding partner of Los Angeles-based Jaeger Sports, where some of the most talented baseball players in America go to improve their game. He is most famous for his trademark J-bands, used for conditioning the arm. But his influence on the game far transcends the bands that bear his name.

Alan has been a steady voice in promoting many topics, including extended long-toss, throwing programs and proper recovery and conditioning for the arm. He also has a Zen-like approach to the mental side of the game, in which he teaches his players relaxing meditation techniques.

Alan can be reached on Twitter @jaegersports.

Randy Sullivan

Randy is the owner of the Florida Baseball Armory in Lakeland, Florida and author of the books Start with the Pain, Armory Savage Revolution and Engineering the Superhuman Pitching Machine. He is a physical therapist, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a Motor Learning and Skill Acquisition expert.

Randy has worked with thousands of baseball players of every age and experience level. He has coached sixteen first-round draft picks and over 20 Major Leaguers. He has been a paid consultant for five Major League teams and has worked with coaches and players from every MLB organization.

Randy can be reached on Twitter @RandySullivanPT.

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