Podcast: Controlling the Pelvis and Back Leg in Pitching with Randy Sullivan

Today’s guest is Randy Sullivan, owner of the Florida Baseball Armory in Lakeland, Florida and author of the books Start with the PainArmory Savage Revolution and Engineering the Superhuman Pitching Machine.

Randy brings to the table his physical therapy background, blended with strength and conditioning, as well as being one of the foremost authorities that I know of on applying dynamic systems theory and motor learning strategies with OH athletes.

In this episode, we’ll be talking about why creating more stability in the back leg has such a positive effect on not only creating a higher velocity ceiling, but better command as well.

We’ll also talk about identifying these unstable “attractors” and get into some things you can do from a training standpoint to help challenge and ultimately stabilize them. In essence, we’re going to straddle the fence between academia and application with Randy Sullivan.

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