Podcast: Takeaways from The Bridge Seminar at Wake Forest University

This one is coming to you live from The Bridge Seminar at Wake Forest University, where I presented this weekend. In today’s podcast I’ll be summarizing many (not all) of the great presenters at this year’s player development seminar. It was a blast speaking with, as well as listening and learning from some of, the best in the business of baseball player development.  Topics include:

    • Creating sustainable systems – Jake McKinley (Head Coach, University of Nevada)
    • Assessing and unlocking the athlete – Brandon Golden (Performance Coach, Five Tool Connection)
    • Creating superpowers – Brandon McDaniel (VP Player Development, LA Dodgers)
    • Biomechanics beyond the report – Kristen Nicholson (Lab Director and Bio-mechanist, Wake Forest)
    • Thinking beyond pitch design – Brian Bannister (Director of Pitching, SF Giants)
    • Building the House (athlete) – Corey Muscara (Pitching Coach Wake Forest), Mike McFerran (Wake Forest Pitching Lab)

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