Nutrition – You Are What You Eat!

You Are What You Eat Image 1By Doug Corbett (NASM, PES, FMS, CET)

Beginning this week we will be starting to feature blogs on nutrition from time to time by RPP coach Doug Corbett.  Doug has been working at RPP since September of 2011 and has played a big role in speaking not only with athletes about their nutrition, but our adult clientele as well.


From working with hundreds of athletes over the years, I can tell you that almost all of them have one thing in common when it comes to the way they eat.  Mostly they eat garbage.

Breakfast is usually skipped or it is carb and sugar loaded such as cereal or a bagel with cream cheese.  Lunch might be a sandwich with pretzels or cookies.  And dinner is pasta, pizza, fast food, and maybe a few meals throughout the week that are perfect for an athlete.  The problem is a few meals throughout the week are not good enough.

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