RPP Outside ImageRPP is a 13,000 sq.ft. high performance athletic facility.  We provide an unparalleled atmosphere that combines extensive training knowledge with cutting-edge science and principles in a collegiate style environment for high school, collegiate and professional athletes.

Our programs focus on the needs of each athlete and their specific sport. Every new client begins with a thorough Assessment which includes a thorough review of the athlete’s history and current state of physicality, movement and mobility. The Assessment allows us to build a highly specialized program that builds upon an individual’s strength and imbalances.  Our athletes are walking testimonials as to the power of this highly specialized programming. Although we train a variety of athletes in a variety of sports, we currently focus in the following athletic programs:

Baseball – We offer one of the most complete and extensive training programs for baseball players, including highly specialized strength and conditioning training and throwing programs for Pitchers, Catchers and Position Players.

Pitchers – At RPP, you can receive pitching instruction (2 pitching lanes equipped with 20 ft. wide  indoor dirt mounds and a fully dedicated 4-camera high-speed video system) combined with strength training through our Pitching Lab in what we refer to as a “Closed Loop” environment.  This is an approach that is used by many of the most successful college programs in the country and the same approach that has been utilized by professional baseball for decades.  In addition, we also provide a complete Biomechanical Analysis for pitchers.  Our state-of-the-art camera and video system records at 120 fps from 4 different angles simultaneously.  It is an invaluable part of our pitching program and a tremendous tool in analyzing pitchers and their mechanics.

Velo Enhancement Program for Pitchers – We also offer a 12-week comprehensive velocity program.  The program is for eligible pitchers (ages 16 and older) looking to achieve a “higher velocity ceiling” through the development of arm speed and full–body strength.  Pitchers would need to be pre-approved and deemed eligible to participate in the program.  It is designed to accommodate summer travel ball by adjusting the amount of throwing and strength training.  Please click here for additional information.

hitters-rx-logoCatchers and Position Players – Through our Hitters Rx Program we offer a complete off-season protocol for training the complete ball player, in a “Closed Loop” environment.  The program encompasses just about every aspect of the game from hitting and fielding, to strength, power and speed.  It begins in early November and ends in late February, just before the beginning of the high school season and it takes place in a collegiate setting, complete with a state-of-the-art weight room to help maximize training during the off-season.  Hitters Rx Program allows you to perfect your hitting and fielding mechanics, while getting stronger, bigger, faster, all in one location with the latest in strength, conditioning, mobility and speed training protocols.

Exit Velo Program – We also offer a 12-week comprehensive exit velo program for players looking to achieve a “higher velocity ceiling”. The program’s primary focus is Strength, Power / Explosiveness, Mobility and the ability to square up and barrel the ball more consistently.  It is designed and scheduled to accommodate travel ball.  Please click here for additional information.

Please click here for a complete summary of all of our baseball offerings.

Center Hockey - (566-194)Hockey – We offer a complete off-season training program for hockey players, including specific protocols distinguishing between Skaters and Goalies.  For many hockey players the off-season begins immediately after the season ends and runs through end of October. This provides a long timeline to substantially increase one’s overall strength and conditioning by taking part in a complete top to bottom program.  Our programs focus on absolute strength, transitional speed, explosiveness and improving your overall physicality on the ice.  Please feel free to click on the links above for more info.

Adult Training:
We train a large number of adults, all at different levels of general fitness. Our programs are geared towards highly motivated individuals looking to improve their functional movement and overall health. They utilize a results-driven approach that covers every aspect of our clients’ goals, whether it’s weight loss, improved strength and conditioning or simply a healthier lifestyle.  Please click here for more on Adult Training.

RPP Blogs:
We also continuously write articles that cover miscellaneous training topics across many age groups and athletic programs.  Click here for the latest.