Post Throwing Stretches and Mobility Drills – Part 2 (Lower Body)

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CPT, NASM, PES, FMS)Post Throwing Part 2 - Up Top

I often get asked about stretches guys can do after throwing to help keep their arm and shoulder up to snuff. Here are a few stretching and mobility drills we give our guys at RPP. In Part 1, we went over drills for the upper body so if you haven’t read that yet you can do so by clicking here. Today in Part 2, we’ll go over the frequently “over-looked” lower half.

5. Tri-Planar Hamstring Stretch – There are three separate muscles that comprise the hamstring, each being responsible for a different movement pattern. So, just doing the classic hamstring stretch is only getting a third of the job done.

Tri-Planar Hamstring Stretch

(15 sec/each position per side)

6. Deep Squat Breathing – This breathing drill was made popular by the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI). I could do a 1,000 word blog on the importance of correct breathing alone, but for the sake of time we’ll just say that this drill helps us get the rib cage down and get the lower back out of extension while providing a great lower lumbar and lat stretch as well.

Deep Squat Breathing – (2 x 5 breaths)

7. Band Resisted Hip Flexor Mob. – The hip flexors can get really gritty, especially from decelerating over the lead leg. On this one, be sure to keep both legs in a 90 degree position and keeping the back glute tight.

Band Resisted Hip Flexor Mob. – (8x pulses/side)

8. Lying Knee to Knee Mob – The shoulder isn’t the only place pitchers lose internal rotation. The lead leg can also get pretty banged up from deceleration forces.

Lying Knee to Knee Mob – (2x 30 sec)

9. Quadruped Adductor Mob – Pitching off a mound can create tightness in the adductors from continually stabilizing the body during the “stride phase” of the delivery.

Quadruped Adductor Mob – (30 sec/side)

See you at the gym.