Creating Dynamic Core Stability at Foot Strike

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CPT, NASM, PES, FMS)

Foot Strike Top Image

Avoiding energy leaks in the delivery is what it’s all about in regards to not only increasing velocity but reducing your risk of injury. In the case of young athletes who are still growing or pitchers with laxity (loose joints), from my experience the core seems to be the most common site where these leaks occur. I mean many young athletes can barely perform a plank correctly let alone try to stabilize their core, while throwing a baseball as hard as they can.

Weakness in the core can expose itself in the delivery via extension in the lower back at first foot strike, not only creating undo stress on the lower back and anterior shoulder but possibly changing the arm slot as well. Many times a pitching coach will spend hours working on arm slot mechanics when the athlete’s weak core control is the culprit. Until the core issue is fixed both pitcher and coach will be banging their heads against the wall.

Foot Strike Bottom Image

This exercise is great for forcing the core to prevent not only extension but rotational forces as well in the stride position.

(Core Stability in Stride Position)


See ya’ in the gym.


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