Length of Stay

As our business has evolved and grown during the past couple of years, many athletes have been asking us about visiting on a short-term basis and then continue with their training closer to home.  So, the topic of how long you need to visit with us at RPP, when traveling a distance, is a great topic to go over.

The good news is that we offer remote training across all the disciplines, strength training, pitching and hitting.  So, you CAN visit with us for a short-stay and then train on a remote basis, or choose to stay longer altogether.  Your options are as follows:

    • 2-days (initial assessment)
    • 5-days (assessment and introduction to programming)
    • Longer Stays (assessment and training)

2-day Option – Initial Assessment

The 2-day option is about the assessment and data collection.  It requires two days, during which we perform a complete assessment covering the following topics:

For Pitchers

      • Movement Assessment
      • Power Testing
      • Strength Testing
      • Pitching Mechanics – 4-Camera Video
      • Ball Movement (Rapsodo)
        • Bullpen (30-40 pitches for data collection)
        • Insight Camera (ball release video)

For Position Players

      • Movement Assessment
      • Power Testing
      • Strength Testing
      • Hitting Mechanics – Video
      • Bio-mechanics – K-Motion
      • Swing Metrics – Blast Motion
      • Batted Ball Data – Rapsodo

On day 2, we will also review the results with you and begin to assemble a plan of action going forward.  If you’re interested in more details on the specific days activities please click on the links here for the pitchers 2-day option and players 2-day option.

5-day Option – Assessment and Intro to Programming

The 5-day option includes the above assessment period and an additional 3-days to get acclimated with the strength and skills programming which are fully customized and designed around your strengths and weaknesses.

Below are links to expanded summaries of specific days activities:

    • For pitchers, you can click here for details on the 5-day visit
    • For position players, you can click here for details on the 5-day visit

Longer Stays – Assessment and Training

Whether you’re a pitcher or a player, our training is five days per week and there is much that gets done every single day.  On a daily basis, from your initial warm-up to working on pitching/hitting, strength training and post activity recovery work, you can expect to spend a minimum of 2-3 hours at the gym.

Staying with us beyond the short-stay options has many advantages:

    • We can monitor your progress and re-assess your progress
    • We can make program adjustments as necessary
    • You can ensure proper execution of drill and weight room work under the supervision of RPP coaches
    • You can train in our fully equipped facility with all the equipment and technology required for your training
    • You can take advantage of arm care through manual therapy and recovery work
    • You can complete all your training in one location
    • You can train with like minded athletes in a high performance environment

Remote Training

At the conclusion of your stay at RPP, you can continue to train on a remote basis.  After registering for a remote account, your programming will be available via your phone on remote login.

You will also need access to a training facility with standard gym equipment.  However, you may need to purchase other miscellaneous equipment such med ball, bands, weighted balls, etc. depending on your remote programming.

Please note that in order to be able to participate in our Remote Program you would need to be pre-approved and eligible as follows:

    • You need to be at least 16 years old, with significant prior weight room experience, to participate in the strength training portion of the remote program
      • For those 16 and younger, you would need supervision from a strength coach (near your home) to be able to participate in the strength portion of the remote program
    • You need to exhibit proper “movement” during your assessment to perform the programming (pitchers only)
    • You need to reside at least 45 miles away from our facility (remote training is not available to local athletes

Scheduling a Visit

You can click here to begin scheduling a visit and we will be in touch shortly.

Housing Options

Whether you’re staying for 2-days, 5-days or longer, here is a list of nearby hotels and other longer term housing options.

If you have any questions please feel free to visit our FAQ page or reach us at the front desk at (201) 308-3663.