Podcast #74: Early Off-season Throwing Protocol with Alan Jaeger

With the fall upon us and the never ending questions about “Shut-Down” vs. ”No Shut-Down”, I thought it would be a great time to get my buddy Alan Jaeger on the podcast again to help break down this never-ending dialogue…

Alan is the founding partner of Los Angeles-based Jaeger Sports, where some of the most talented baseball players in America go to improve their game. He is most famous for his trademark J-bands, used for conditioning the arm. But his influence on the game far transcends the bands that bear his name.

Alan has been a steady voice in promoting many topics, including extended long-toss, throwing programs and proper recovery and conditioning for the arm. He also has a Zen-like approach to the mental side of the game, in which he teaches his players relaxing meditation techniques.

Alan can be reached on his Twitter account @jaegersports

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