Summer Collegiate League Remote Training with RPP Baseball

Welcome to Remote Training with RPP Baseball…

RPP Baseball is a high performance baseball training facility located in Paramus, New Jersey.  We provide an unparalleled atmosphere that combines extensive strength training knowledge with a cutting-edge scientific approach to developing our pitchers and ball players.  In case you would like to learn more please click here.  Below is a brief testimonial from Wake Forest Pitching Coach Corey Muscara…

“I originally met Nunzio and heard about RPP Baseball through New York Yankees Pitching Coach Matt Blake. Over the years, I have recommended many prospects that live near RPP to train there. RPP continually develops some of the best up-and-coming talent in high school baseball. Their programming is always at the leading edge of what’s going on in player development, and their results speak for themselves.  Few facilities come close to their standing in the industry.”

Here’s another one from NY Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman whose son trained with us on a remote basis for many years…

“I have been following RPP’s progress for quite some time. They have done an excellent job blending athleticism with technology to create a state-of-the-art baseball training facility. ‬‪They are one of a handful of cutting-edge facilities in the business. I highly recommend them for ball players of any age.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I train during the summer months?

Whether you’re a pitcher or a position player, summer ball is about getting reps and improving your craft in a competitive environment with other collegiate athletes. Just as important is ensuring you remain in the best physical condition once you return to school in August / September.  Your coaches expect it.

Similar to lifting and training while you’re playing at school during the spring or fall, our summer remote program allows you to continue with your training when off the field during the summer.  There is a great chart from Mike Reinold (renowned Red Sox PT) that basically says managing ball players in season is like managing a controlled fall.  Stop training, and you’re basically putting yourself on a “slow leak” program.

In addition, here is how long training adaptations last when you stop taking care of your body.

How does remote training work?

Remote training is relatively straight forward. You have a dedicated coach that is responsible for your progress through the program, from preparing your monthly training programs, to reviewing your progress or even serving as a sounding board, if need be.

The programming is prepared after we receive a series of videos for a remote evaluation.  Various services include:

    • Remote assessment – Movement screen, strength and power testing, review of injury history, training background and proficiency, summer goals and positions played
    • Individualized training program – Programming can be designed for 3-5x per week depending on your schedule and preference, and includes mobility routine designed around your assessment, in-season specific strength training and pre- and post-throwing arm care protocol
    • Throwing program – A daily / weekly routine is provided to help maintain your arm strength and endurance.  The schedule accommodates for game days and helps with managing overall work load
    • Unlimited access to your dedicated remote coach
    • New programming is uploaded on a monthly basis and is available via the client portal
    • Nutrition guidelines for high performance athletes

When does the program begin?

You can begin the program as soon as your spring season comes to an end.  Given the initial athlete evaluation process, we highly recommend that you begin the remote assessment process as soon as you can.

What type of programs are available with your remote training platform?

The remote programs are as follows:


    • Strength training
    • Throwing program (workload management)

Position Players

    • Strength training
  • How does the program work with my playing schedule?

The programming is prepared for 3-5x / week.  It is designed to accommodate playing in summer league with “game days” included.  Programs can also be adjusted through dialog with your dedicated remote coach.

Where do I access my programs?

All of your programs are placed on the RPP client portal and can be accessed on your phone under your own login.  Every exercise on your program has a link to a video which can serve as a reference to help perform the program.

What type of equipment will I need?

Although our programming can be adjusted based on the available equipment, we recommend that at a minimum you have access to the following:

Weight Room: Foam roller, bench, trap bar, barbells, dumbbells (10-50 lbs.), weight plates, med balls (preferable), medium resistance bands

Throwing: Plyo balls, activation band, mini trampoline and light weight bands

Are my training programs customized to my specific needs?

Each athlete has different physical limitations, strengths and weaknesses, and the programming is customized and adjusted based on your initial assessment which is done after we receive your videos.

How long after I sign up before I can begin training?

Once we have all the necessary information and videos, the process of preparing your initial program will take 3-4 days. Thereafter, your programming is prepared seamlessly from month to month and placed into your client portal.

Is there a commitment period?

Yes, the summer program has a 3-month commitment period.

What is your cancellation policy?

The program concludes after the 3-month period.  You can choose to continue if you wish to do so by communicating with your dedicated remote coach.

What is your refund policy?

RPP Baseball does not offer refunds.

How much does it cost?

The program costs summarized below are for remote training only.  If you choose, you can have an in-house assessment which is a different process. The remote program cost is as follows:

Strength Training-only

      • Initial remote assessment – $149 (one-time payment)
      • Monthly Programming – $279 $259 – Discounted Summer Price

Strength Training and Throwing Program

      • Initial remote assessment – $149 (one-time payment)
      • Monthly Programming – $359 $339 – Discounted Summer Price

How do the payments work?

Registration for the program will be done online through the Stripe payment system which accepts credit cards.  After the initial assessment (which is a separate charge as listed above), the payment system will create a recurring charge every month for the 3-month duration of the program.

How can I make this a successful experience?

Our #1 recommendation to make this a total success is “COMMUNICATION” in every way. If you are not sure about something, please let us know. If you are experiencing pain let us know. If you are doing poorly, let us know. If you are doing well, let us know. If a specific exercise does not feel right, let us know.

Communication is #1. We are here to help you achieve your goals, the more your coach knows the better.

You can also schedule a phone call below, if you’d like and we will call you at your selected time.