How to Improve Blast Motion Rotational Acceleration Metric

Rotational Acceleration

Today, we’re going to focus on how we look to improve the Blast Motion Rotational Acceleration metric in a baseball player.  Rotational Acceleration measures how quickly the bat accelerates into the zone, from first move to getting on plane. A high Rotational Acceleration helps players create power at contact, provide for maximum time to react to an incoming pitch and overall hitting adjustability.

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How to Increase Your Bat Speed in the Weight Room

Interested in increasing your bat speed in the weight room? Click here for our “remote” strength training program for position players.

How to increase bat speed is a topic that gets a lot of attention and interest from our baseball players.  Today, we’re going to review 6 topics and related exercises to increase bat speed in the weight room that are paramount and should be addressed in any training program: Continue reading “How to Increase Your Bat Speed in the Weight Room”

3 Hitting Drills to Pattern an Efficient Baseball Swing

Hitting Drills

There are many ways to skin a cat, however, often one is the most efficient. Although each player’s swing looks different, great hitters achieve the same goal by putting their body in the best position to hit. Given the complex nature of hitting and its many co-dependent variables, hitting drills that help create efficient movements will make it easier to recreate a consistent motor pattern. Continue reading “3 Hitting Drills to Pattern an Efficient Baseball Swing”

K-Vest Baseball is a Game Changer for Training Ball Players

k vest baseball

The world of hitting is changing and it’s changing fast. As new technology is working its way into the world of baseball at break-neck speed, the information becoming available is opening the eyes of both baseball coaches and strength coaches alike and across multiple avenues as well. But once again as in pitching, this extremely explosive sport, leads us back to anatomy and the body’s ability to move through space quickly. So explosive in fact, that we are looking at microsecond movements only measurable by K-vest Baseball motion capture technology. Continue reading “K-Vest Baseball is a Game Changer for Training Ball Players”

How to Analyze Baseball Swing Mechanics in 15 Steps

baseball swing mechanics

Hitting an MLB fastball requires the application of a huge amount of energy in the blink of an eye, roughly 130 ms to be exact. That’s about a 1/8th of a second. Only through a coordinated series of contractions involving not only muscles but joints and connective tissue traveling up the kinetic chain into the hands and ultimately the bat can we achieve adequate bat speed and quickness to hit a baseball traveling at speeds north of 90 mph. This article is meant to familiarize you with the 2 distinct phases (stride and swing) and 15 positions in baseball hitting and baseball swing mechanics that we review when analyzing video. Continue reading “How to Analyze Baseball Swing Mechanics in 15 Steps”

Baseball Hitting Mechanics… How to Address Sway?

baseball hitting mechanics

In this series of short articles and video analyses, as a part of assessing our hitters, I will be going over different components of baseball hitting mechanics, while Nunzio will help highlight potential issues and correctives both inside and outside the nets. Today’s topic on hitting mechanics is Sway, and it starts at with the stance and set up… Continue reading “Baseball Hitting Mechanics… How to Address Sway?”

How We Assess Hitters at RPP Baseball

hitting assessment

As an athlete, you are not able to move efficiently if your body isn’t in a position to do so. Incorporating assessments, strength training and data analytics into how we train players is a bit of an art. Since each and every player is different in every way, the key is to parse through the information and determine which pieces are relevant for each player. Below is a typical assessment for position players at our facility and it’s broken up into several sections:

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What to Do With All the Data Coming Out of Showcases?

During the past year several showcases announced partnerships with technology companies, whereby participants skills are measured during their events.  We’re not talking about the usual 60-yard dash.  We’re talking about esoteric topics like vertical bat angles of a swing and spin efficiency levels on a pitch.  On the one hand this is great news for the game. Technology is changing baseball for the better and the data can be invaluable for both training and evaluation. On the other hand, although I am a big believer in tech and the value it brings, there is an issue. Continue reading “What to Do With All the Data Coming Out of Showcases?”

Creating Stability and Better Energy Transfer in the Swing

I was sitting with our Director of Hitting Evan Klugerman yesterday and he brought up a great point regarding efficient sequencing and mechanics when looking at K-Vest data. While collecting data for our high school guys, he was surprised at how many inconsistencies there were in sequencing from swing to swing within the same player profile, as compared to the MiLB guys he had been testing last year with the Orioles. I thought it would be a great quick blog. Continue reading “Creating Stability and Better Energy Transfer in the Swing”