The Best of 2019 – Top Pitching and Hitting Related Articles

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CSCS, CPT, NASM, FMS)

Continuing with the most popular articles of 2019, here we go with Part 2 of this series, the most popular:

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K-Motion, a Game Changer for Assessing and Training Ball Players – The world of hitting is changing and it’s changing fast. As new technology is working its way into the world of baseball at break-neck speed, the information becoming available is opening the eyes of both baseball coaches and strength coaches alike and across multiple avenues as well…

Click Here ->  K-Motion, a Game Changer

Addressing 4 Big Deficiencies in the Swing… Rotational Acceleration – Blast Motion’s Rotation Acceleration swing metric measures how quickly your bat accelerates from first move to getting on plane.  Rotational Acceleration not only helps players create power at contact but also helps provide the maximum amount of time to react to a pitch. While there are many variables that contribute to this metric, today we’ll look at the big 4 we see a lot with ball players…

Click here -> Hitting Rotational Acceleration


Pitch Design: The Elusive Cutter – In this article, Part 6 of the series on Pitch Design and Development, we review “cutters” in great depth.  The same pitch Mariano Rivera threw on his way to the Hall of Fame… A great read…

Click Here -> The Elusive Cutter

How We Assess Pitch Movement Patterns w/ New Tech? – This in-depth article is going to take us through how we assess pitcher’s ball movement w/ new tech in our Pitch Design and Development program.  I think you will enjoy how thorough, involved and intricate the assessment process is.  Here we go…

Click Here -> Assessing Pitch Movement Patterns

10 Musts for a Great Velo Program – It’s the one thing that seems to be the most sought after, yet few know how to deliver it effectively. Everyone thinks they know how to do it. But there are many different threads that need to be weaved into a safe and effective velo program.   Today, we’re going to go over what I believe to be some of the key points to look for in an effective velo program and honestly, they should ALL be present…

Click Here -> 10 Musts for a Great Velo Program


Letting Go of the Obligations… This is Going to Piss Some People Off -This article, comes from my partner and “baseball dad” is written from one parent to another.  It provides an interesting perspective on the current state of player development… “This article is going to piss some people off, but I can’t keep it to myself any longer….”

Click here -> Letting Go of the Obligations

See ya’ in the gym…

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