The Best of 2019 – Strength Training Articles

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CSCS, CPT, NASM, FMS)

As we get closer to a new year I would like to look back and get a bit reflective. A few years ago, I started a series in which I posted the most popular blogs of the year. These are the articles that received the most traffic, according to our hosting statistics. It seems to be a favorite of everyone, so here we go again with the most popular of our strength training articles for 2019.

Strength Training for Young Athletes… What Are You Waiting For?  I feel lucky to do what I get to do. Some of my most rewarding experiences have come from watching young athletes get stronger, more athletic and honestly just crush it on the field.  Strength is still the foundation of most athletic qualities; the best part is, it’s also the most trainable.

Click here -> Youth Strength Training

Increasing Velocity in the Weight Room  The most cohesive off-season programs offer both throwing/pitching and strength training in tandem so that they can be monitored and progressed together hand-in-hand.  Throwing/pitching programs without a well thought-out and concurrent strength training program are basically flying blind…

Click here -> 10 Great Ways to Increase Velo

Understanding Kinematic Sequence  Not all throwing and hitting motions are created equal. Some guys rely more on strength, some guys elasticity and some are simply genetic “outliers”. But close analysis, in not only numerous studies but also my own experience at the facility, reveals that there is one common denominator why hard throwers create effortless velocity and command, as well as power hitters creating high exit velos behind the plate…

Click Here -> Understanding the Kinematic Sequence

Training Baseball Pitchers and Players In-season with VBT (Velocity-Based Training) – With baseball season quickly approaching, we’re beginning to see everyone’s idea of what a great in-season program encompasses being posted all over the internet. While some of these are quite good, unfortunately others are either too heavy on volume and intensity, or are so light the athlete is better off taking the day off. In my opinion, baseball players can and should be training hard, as long as throwing and exercise selection are taken into consideration…

Click here -> Training In-Season with VBT

See ya’ in the gym…

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