The Best of 2018 – Hitting-related Articles

Here in Part 3 of this 2018 “Best of” series, are this year’s most popular hitting-related articles…

1. Hitting Data Analytics… Attack Angles, the Often Ignored Step-Child – In this Part 2 of Hitting Data Analytics, we’re going to review the Attack Angle and the important role it plays in the swing path.  While everyone is focused on the Launch Angle, it often seems like Attack Angle is playing second fiddle… [Read more]

2. Assessing and Training Hitters with New Tech – As many of you know, we recently made additional investments in our hitting business by adding a Rapsodo camera system and a Diamond Kinetics SwingTracker. The combination of these pieces of equipment will allow us to substantially improve how we evaluate and can train players… [Read more]

3. Hitting Data Analytics… Swing Mechanics and Ball-Bat Collision – We’re going to start this series of articles by going over the point of contact, where the bat meets the ball.  We all know that a baseball hit hard at the right place can do a lot of damage.  But the art and skill of doing so can be a difficult process.  So, let’s review what happens at the point of collision, where 90 mph pitches meet 90 mph bat speeds. [Read more…]

4. The Mental Side… Three Phrases I Will Never Forget as a Ball Player – Having the opportunity to work with many players daily, I routinely take time to work on the mental side of the game. As a player it is a crucial part of being able to continue to have success in a very difficult sport. I think this is an important topic for this time of year regardless of what level you are playing. There are 3 phrases I will never forget as a player and I would like to share them today… [Read more]

See ya’ in the gym…