Welcome to Remote Training

Dear Remote Athlete,

*** Please read entire letter.

Welcome to Remote Training at RPP! We’re very excited to be a part of your journey. We are 100% committed to your development and looking forward to helping get you to the next level. During the next several months, with a high degree of commitment and consistent effort, you are going to see significant gains.

Your monthly remote training programs will be placed inside your folders in the Client Portal. Depending on your programming, you will find some or all the following files:

      • Nutrition Guideline
      • How to Determine Your Weights
      • Mobility Rx (your customized mobility routine which is to be performed prior to each training session)
      • Monthly Strength Program
      • Monthly Throwing / Hitting Program

Please note that if your remote program is designed for 5 days per week, it means that the training has been designed to incorporate different body parts and/or training methods on different days (lower body, upper body, movement, etc.). If you desire programming for less than 5 days / week program, please let us know ASAP.

The following are miscellaneous topics related to your program and training:

How to Determine Your Weights – If you are new to strength training and aren’t familiar with the concept of a 1 Rep Max (1RM) please make sure to read How to Determine Your Weights.

Training Notes / Comments / Weights – Please make sure to read relevant notes in the comments / notes section of your daily programming.  Further, if you choose to keep track of your weights please feel free to print a copy for recording your lifts.

Training Videos – Our Remote Training is designed to be self-sufficient as much as possible.  Each exercise and every corrective on every day has a “Video Link” in the programming.  Please take advantage of the video link to learn how to perform the exercise properly.

Velocity Based Training (VBT) – For those interested in VBT, wherever appropriate we have references to VBT bar speeds within the programming.  VBT is the future in-regard to enabling athletes to target specific training zones utilizing bar speeds via a linear transducer rather than an estimated 1 RepMax. Many of our athletes use it with great success on an on-going basis. If you’re interested to learn more, please let us know

Experiencing Pain – If you experience pain or discomfort at any time during the training you should stop, inform your coach at RPP and consult with your physician. Obviously normal muscle soreness from lifting is ok.

RPP Baseball Store – Please feel free to access the RPP Baseball E-commerce Store for your training equipment needs.  The site carries plyo balls, weighted balls, training bands, among others  You can use coupon code “rppshop10” for a 10% discount.

Monthly Membership (payments) – Your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis.

Cancellation Policy – After the initial 4-month commitment period, if you choose not to continue with your training, there is a 15-day non-negotiable cancellation notice required.  You must give us a minimum of 15-days notice by contacting your coach or the front desk at 201-308-3363 for any cancellation.

Please see disclaimer below before continuing further and feel free to contact us at Remote@RocklandPeakPerformance.com or 201-308-3363 with any questions on your programming.


RPP Baseball

Disclaimer: Any application of the recommendations set forth in the attached programming and / or nutrition guideline is at the athlete’s discretion and sole risk. The information offered is intended for those in good physical condition and overall health. Anyone with medical problems, history of injury of any nature should consult a doctor before starting any such programs. Even if you have no known health problems, it is advisable to consult your doctor before making major changes in your lifestyle. Also, if you have any food allergies, please consult with your physician about the suggestions in our nutrition guide.