8-Week Baseball Throwing Program – Maintenance

8-Week Throwing Program

The following 8-week baseball throwing programs are intended for pitchers who are physically mature, physically healthy and pain free with a good base foundation of strength:

    • Ages 17 and older
    • Ages 14-16

Please note, this is NOT a ramp-up, on-ramping or customized program.  Assuming that you were already prepared after a full off-season for spring, the programs are for maintaining your arm health and capacity.

They comprise of three different throwing days per week and a recovery day.  The days are labeled as follows:

    • Maintenance 1: 60-70% intensity (plyo balls and long toss)
    • Touch and Feel Pen: 70-80% intensity (plyo balls, long toss and mound)
    • Bullpen 1: 85-95% intensity (plyo balls, long toss and mound)
    • Recovery (plyo balls and light catch)

Aside from long toss and bull pens, the programs also include several throwing drills including:

    1. Reverse Throws
    2. Marshalls
    3. Walking Torques
    4. Lead Leg IR
    5. Step Behind Drill

The programs utilize both under and over-weighted plyo balls to varying degrees depending on age.  There are many considerations when working with weighted balls (WBs), one of which is getting a thorough physical assessment.  In the absence of such an assessment, we have limited the max weight of plyo balls in this program for most drills at 7 oz.  If you are considering higher weights, we strongly urge you to get an assessment.  However, in either case, we don’t generally exceed 9 oz. on drills, with the exception of Marshalls and Reverse Throws (which are never thrown at full intent and are intended to be close to the body).

Please make sure to follow the instructions and schedule for each day and week, as the sequence and days will change from week to week.   Do not forget to perform your pre- and post-throwing routines as outlined in the program.

Ages 17 and Older

Ages 14-16


Disclaimer: Any application of the recommendations set forth in this guide is at the reader’s discretion and sole risk. The information offered is intended for those athletes in good health. Anyone with medical problems of any nature should see and consult a physician before starting any exercise program. Even if you have no known health problems, it is advisable to consult your doctor before making major changes in your lifestyle.

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