Adult Training

To put it mildly our Adult Training programs are high intensity and focused on getting you to be in the best condition that you can be.

All private clients start with an extensive anatomical evaluation / assessment.  Physical limitations and imbalances, from a strength and mobility standpoint can have a profound effect on an adult’s daily routine and training objectives. The assessment is basically ground zero for any well developed and properly prepared training program and it covers the following:

    • Mobility / stability evaluation
    • Strength testing
    • Power testing (optional)

The assessment helps create a specialized program for each individual taking into account their mobility and physical strengths and weaknesses.

Our training sessions flow seamlessly through mobility and agility work into power and strength training in the weight room and ending with a conditioning “finisher”.  The programming changes every four weeks, allowing the body to adapt and helping it become stronger and more efficient. The types of equipment utilized in our programs are very different from what you find in a typical gym. We work with dumbbells, kettlebells, ropes, medicine balls.

Our adult programs generally have several objectives, which can be catered to the client’s needs:

    • Reduce overall body weight – Weight loss is one of the primary objectives in our adult training programs.  Our workouts are intense and combined with a proper nutrition program, we can help accelerate weight loss.
    • Lower percentage of body fat –  Increasing muscle mass turns the body into a fat burning machine. Each pound of muscle you gain burns up to 50 to 75 extra calories per day.  This adds up over time.
    • Shape the body proportionately – Full body weight training also trains muscles in proportion to the demands of functional movement. A body in appropriate proportion is always more attractive. Physical appearance is determined more by overall shape, not by the size of individual muscles.
    • Improve overall posture – Strengthening muscles, connective tissues and promoting joint stability helps improve postural distortions, thus improving posture.  This will in turn help give the appearance of long lean muscles.
    • Reduce your risk of injury – Weight training strengthens not only muscles but connective tissues and promotes joint stability. If your tensile strength is increased, daily tasks and routines will be far less likely to cause injury.

Programming and Training Options

The workouts generally consist of:

    • Myofascial Release (foam roll)
    • Active Warm-up
    • Functional Strength Training
    • Metabolic Conditioning

Our programs are available in two forms:

    • Private Training (1 on 1) – Private Training is a perfect option for someone who desires one-on-one training and coaching. Following a thorough assessment, workouts are specifically designed to an individual’s needs whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a 3 season athlete. Private training is great for the first timer who feels a little intimidated working in a group environment.
    • Monthly Program Design – Our Individualized Program Design is a 4-week program and is 100% designed around YOU, where you can train up to 5x per week.  Following a review of the assessment results we prepare a specialized program based on your strengths and imbalances.  You train on your own by following your own individualized program. Pending the results of the assessment, RPP reserves the right to inform a customer that Program Design may not be the appropriate protocol for them.

If you are interested in our Adult Programs then please enter your information below and we will be in touch shortly.

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