Baseball Players Making Big Gains This Summer

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CPT, NASM, PES, FMS)

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Okay, so you’re one of the best ball players in your county or better yet the state, kudos on a job well done. But if you’ve worked hard enough to get offers to play baseball after high school you should know that spending the spring and summer in the weight room to get strong and pack on much needed muscle can be the deal breaker. And because of this, it’s my favorite times of the year at RPP for a few reasons:

  • Our college guys are home and starting to come in for off-season training. This raises the bar from a “work ethic” standpoint for all of the high school juniors and seniors.
  • They provide positive feedback to our younger athletes in regards to the benefits of getting off the field and into the gym early to reap the most off-season strength gains as well as great conversation as to what to expect in college.
  • The younger guys get “stoked” by being in the gym at the same time as these guys.

Take Matt Flannery for example. After a successful high school career playing for Nanuet, Matt had committed to play baseball alongside fellow RPP athlete Alex Fishberg at Iona.

(Alex Fishberg – Med Ball Hookems)

Knowing he needed to get bigger, faster and stronger, he came into RPP to get it done.

When I asked Matt what his goals were he said “I need to get ready strength-wise for college”.  I was happy to oblige and Matt spent last summer crushing it.  He was more than ready for Iona, come the fall.  In fact, Iona coach Sean McGrath called me and commented on how much bigger and stronger Matt was compared to when they saw him in the spring.

Matt joined Alex Fishberg (Iona), Rob Iametti (St. Lawrence), Matt Willows (Worcester Sharks), Kevin Hill (Wesleyan), Colin MacDonald (UNH) and a host of other great college athletes in the gym last summer who are a constant reminder in regards to work ethic as well as great motivation to our younger guys.

(Rob Iametti – Elvis Side Throws)

If you haven’t started your summer training regimen yet, your window of opportunity to get strong this summer starts now.  What are you waiting for? Remember, the other guy isn’t.

I should also note that a great program needs to be combined with great a nutrition plan.  To gain lean muscle you must eat and you must eat the right types of foods.  Matt Flannery didn’t put on 12 lbs. of muscle after his senior year by just coming to the gym. It’s a combination of the right amount of calories consumed at the right times especially pre- and post-workout (we’ll talk more on this topic in a future blog).

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See ya’ in the gym.