The Best of 2017 – Strength and Conditioning Articles

Here in Part 3 of this 2017 “Best of” series, are this year’s most popular articles on strength and conditioning…

1. Training Strength / Throwing… It’s All About the Right Place Right Time – The increases in pitching velocity and the distance guys are covering when they go yard tells one thing for sure… guys are getting in the gym and getting bigger, faster and stronger.  This blogs speaks to the importance of creating the right strength training effect to work with… click here

2. Training Explosiveness with Plyometrics – When most of us think of what comprises a great strength training program, we think of training force production. Any strength coach worth their weight knows that you need to be able to accept force and transfer it as well. The use of plyometrics is a commonly misunderstood and misused performance enhancing protocol… click here

3. Training Velocity in the Weight Room with VBT – We have been experimenting over the past year with velocity based training (VBT) and achieved phenomenal results. With the utilization of linear transducers to measure body and bar speed we not only were able to avoid over-training, but under-training as well. And, oh yeah, our athletes loved it. This blog explains… click here

4. Five Minutes of Manual Therapy… Priceless – We use manual therapy with our guys when the foam roller just can’t get deep enough. Since it is not advisable to do this unless your fully certified, I’ve demonstrated some ways to “do-it-yourself” when you’re not at our facility or you’re on the go… click here

See ya in the gym…

By Nunzio Signore (B.A., CSCS, CPT, NASM, PES, FMS)

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