Blast Motion Partners with RPP Baseball

Blast Motion Partners with RPP Baseball to Integrate Performance Training Content into Blast Solution…

(Carlsbad, California – 5/13/21) – Today, Blast Motion, the leader in swing analysis, player development and improvement, announced a partnership with Rockland Peak Performance (RPP or RPP Baseball) to provide high quality strength and mobility training content to athletes and coaches. This partnership provides Blast customers with a more complete training approach, allowing players to target the development of their physical performance and swing fundamentals based on their Blast Motion data.

“We are extremely excited about this new partnership with Blast Motion and look forward to bringing our training knowledge to Blast customers,” said Nunzio Signore, Owner of RPP Baseball. “It’s important to understand that improving your at-bats is not just about how many swings you take off the tee. Putting yourself in the best position to succeed requires that you’re also physically capable of performing the task. Hitting a baseball, coming in at 90+mph low and in, requires physical attributes that generally need additional training without a bat in your hands.”

The Blast training center is filled with industry leading swing drills designed to improve player performance. Now, through RPP’s extensive knowledge in strength training and movement expertise, it will include content to provide players with a wider variety of training options. This includes training with and without a bat and when combined with Blast’s data-driven approach, players will get the most out of their training and improve their overall athletic performance.

“I have been following RPP’s progress for quite some time,” said Brian Cashman, Yankees General Manager. “They have done an excellent job blending athleticism with technology to create a state-of-the-art baseball training facility. ‬‪They are one of a handful of cutting-edge facilities in the business. I highly recommend them for ball players of any age.”‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

“Athletes need to train different types of movement to maximize their Blast numbers and improve their overall swing performance,” said Kyle Attl, Director of Professional Baseball Sales & Service at Blast Motion. “RPP training content will help them further develop functional strength and mobility, giving hitters the best opportunity to compete and have fun.”

About Blast Motion – Based in Carlsbad, California, Blast Motion is an information company that provides motion analysis and performance insights. By intelligently combining the bio-mechanics of movement with sensor data, video capture technology, and cloud-based software services, Blast has redefined the way people coach, recruit, train, analyze, and improve their game. For additional information on Blast Motion please visit Blast Motion.

About RPP Baseball – RPP Baseball is a high-performance baseball training facility located in Paramus (Bergen county) in North New Jersey. We provide an unparalleled atmosphere that combines extensive strength training knowledge with a cutting-edge scientific approach. From the weight room to our pitching and hitting programs, we utilize the latest in technology, in a holistic and data-driven approach which allows us to assess, train and re-assess players on an ongoing basis. For additional information on RPP Baseball please visit RPP Baseball.

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