Pascack Hills Baseball… New Jersey State Champions

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday, the Pascack Hills Baseball Team won the New Jersey State Championship. We would like to congratulate Coach Kirkby and his coaching staff and all the players on this amazing accomplishment.  This past winter we had the pleasure of training many of these amazingly talented group of young men including seniors, Jack Brodsky and Paul Sullivan, and juniors, Brandon Siegenthaler, Chris Curcio and Julian Bulzomi, and sophomore Spencer Berson. 

From strength training to pitching and hitting sessions, these young men put in an enormous amount of time training with us this winter. Their commitment and dedication, week in and week out, was amazing, training many hours per week.

Pascack Hills finished the season with a 30-2 record. They were League Champs, Bergen County Champs, Sectional Champs and NJ State Champs. They also finished the season ranked #1 among all school programs by (Star Ledger). Truly an amazing season for any team, but what makes it even more amazing is doing this in the land of many parochial giants in New Jersey.

I would like to take a moment and express my gratitude to their parents for putting their trust in our hands. More specifically, I would like to thank Bill Siengenthaler for telling so many players at Pascack Hills about our programs and recommending us.

I would like to also thank all our pitching, hitting and strength coaches including Robbie Aviles, Travis Laitar, Mike Rozema, Jason Schwarz, Andrew Ojeda, Dante Tobler and Phil Tomassi among many others, for their dedication and time they spent working with and training all these outstanding young athletes.

These young men were talented long before they walked into our doors and we are honored to have played a part in helping them reach the pinnacle of their high school careers along the way.

Pascack Hills Baseball
League Champs
Bergen County Champs
Sectional Champs
New Jersey State Champs (Star Ledger) #1 Rank Statewide

Thanks again and congratulations guys. Hard work pays off…

All the Best,

Nunzio Signore
Owner and Operator – RPP

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