Podcast #54: Understanding and Utilizing Mocap Data to Optimize Performance with Jim Buffi

Today we’re sitting down with Jimmy Buffi, CEO of Reboot Motion. During the episode, Jimmy helps break down motion capture to players and coaches in more understandable terms and talks about how he gathers information to help create a blueprint for success. Topics include:

    • Identifying possible mechanical disconnects or “leaks”
    • Predicting injury risk
    • Organizing work load management

Jimmy Buffi is the co-founder of Reboot Motion, a sports science company, dedicated to empowering athletes, coaches, academies, and organizations. Their methods help athletes get the most out of their bodies and avoid injuries. Reboot Motion is the only company that has developed a momentum-based biomechanics software to analyze an athlete’s movement and create a new kind of player development platform.

Jimmy can be reached on his twitter feed @RebootMotion.

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